Active Line

Small size - great effects The cosmeceuticals of our Active Line effectively support facial and body treatments for stressed or damaged skin through high dosages of active ingredients. Concentrated vitamins, enzymes and proteins make for a new skin feeling: intensively cared for and sensibly well supplied.

As results of highly contemporary biotechnology, those cosmeceuticals are able to even revitalize slack, pale skin. For active skin regeneration.
>>FC<<-L Gel

50ml,;Kabi 100ml,

Complex Multivitamin

5x4ml,;Kabi 40 ml,

Hyaluron Pure


Mesocare Stemcell Concentrate

7,5 ml, 069

Reset Fluid

5x4ml,;Kabi 40ml,

Sebo Care

50ml,;Kabi 200ml,

Styler Formula

5x5ml,;Kabi 50ml,

Tea Tree Oil

30ml,;Kabi 50ml,

Vitamin A


Viva Fluid


Skin-Active Set

5x4 ml, 180