Blue Line

Aesthetic body care "A positive body image" – this is the goal of regular treatments with the unique high care® cosmetics body care products. They guarantee highest quality, purity and visible effects. Chosen active ingredients, vitamins and natural oils even care for dry and sensitive skin. It is supplied with those substances providing for a smooth and cared for skin feeling. Even skin problems such as cellulite or weak connective tissue can be actively counteracted with these cosmetics body products.  

Experience visibly aesthetic skin!

>>AE<< Stick

50 ml,;Kabi 200 ml,

Alpha Mousse®

180ml,;Kabi 500ml,

Body Balm Cashmere

200ml,; Kabi 500ml,

Body Peeling

200ml,;Kabi 500ml,

Formula Stick

30 ml, 062

Relax Balm Roll-On

50 ml Roll-On, 042

Styler Contouring Bath

200 ml, 014

Relax Balm Tube

200ml,;Kabi 500ml,

Styler Cream

100 ml, 012; 250 ml, 010; Kabi 1000 ml, 015

Styler Liquid

200 ml, 304

Cinnamon Cream

250 ml, 119; Kabi 1000 ml, 120

24.05. Hand & Nail Cream

50ml,; Kabi 200ml,