Green Line

Daily individual care As our basic facial care series, the Green Line comprises special products perfectly tuned to personal skin characteristics. Quality and purity of valuable active ingredients are guaranteed through longstanding product experiences. Rich, moisturizing or cleansing products and masks offer care on the highest level. Enzymatic peeling, gel mask or special eye care can be applied for cabin treatments, home care or in combination of both.
Avocado Oil

30 ml, 118


50ml,;Kabi 250 ml,

C7 Plus

50ml,;Kabi 250ml,

Cleansing Balm

200ml,;Kabi 500ml,

Crystal Collagen Gel Mask

80 g, 136

Eye Life

10 ml, 150

Eye Sential

15 ml, 151

High Derm

50 ml, 161

Hydro Mousse

100 ml, 105

Hydro Spray

150 ml, 148

Lip Balm 903


50ml,;Kabi 100 ml,


50ml,;Kabi 250ml,

Set Up

50ml,;Kabi 200ml,

Soft Peeling

100ml,;Kabi 200ml,

Tone Up

200ml,;Kabi 500ml,


50ml,;Kabi 250ml,

Cleansing Milk

200ml,;Kabi 500ml,