IVT conference in Belorussia

- 11.09.2018 -
As a continuation of the successful IVT symposium at Minsk - which took place in May 2018 - 60 rehabilitation experts from all over Belorussia met today for exchanging further ideas and insights about the innovative low pressure therapy.

Rudolf Weyergans was on the spot, holding a speech about the history and the high significance of the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy in Medical Training Therapy (MTT).

In general, the focus of the conference lay on the subject of rehabilitation in which IVT is an indispensable key element.

No medical gymnastics should be conducted without the help of IVT made by Weyergans. To get more information about the Vacusport IVT device, please visit our website.

Thanks a lot - it was an interesting and very successful conference!
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