The intelligent care concept The care concept of the most modern series of high care® cosmetics comprises effective and intensively caring substances. Pure consists of high dosages of natural, active ingredients and only the best of actual facial care. Newly developed, special textures offer real luxury for your skin. As clear as the design are the cosmetic products sustainably caring for the skin of face, neck and décolleté. Tired skin is activated, becomes more resilient and simply beautiful.
Pure Pt-Extreme Pearls

30 capsules, Ref.no. 317

Pure Platinum

50 ml, Ref.no. 397; 100 ml, Ref.no. 324

Pure Feel Good

50 ml, Ref.no. 398; 100 ml, Ref.no. 325

Pure >>Q<< [kju:]

50 ml, Ref.no. 399, 100 ml, Ref.no. 326

Pure Peeling Pads

40 pcs, Ref.no. 323

Pure Cleansing Gel

150 capsules, Ref.no. 348

Pure Eye Care

15 ml, Ref.no. 349

Pure Retinol Pearls

30 pearls, Ref.no. 316