Summit of the Associations and Sports Physicians in dialogue

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Vacusport and Ionised Oxygen Therapy

Budapest, 10.10.2014

The members of the associations of the Olympic Comitee and the Chairpersons of important national Hungarian Sports Societies met on October 10th 2014 at the exclusive Aquincum Hotel in Budapest. Main subject was the gathering of information on new ways of increasing performance in top athletes.
Chairman of the conference was the renowned  Hungarian Bio-chemist, Prof. Dr. Vincze Janos, formerly proposed for Nobel prize.

In the introduction of his presentation Professor Vincze made a difference between amateur and professional athletes and their physiological approach. In this respect: professional sport = science. Sport uses a lot of energy. Energy is needed for example to generate ions that are negatively charged, from molecular oxygen. If plenty of ions are available for the athlete, he will have more remaining energy for making his muscles function, as he needs to use less energy for generating ions. This way performance can be boosted, the functioning of the specific muscles enhanced.

It is essential for us to inhale the right amount of oxygen ions: vital quantity of 20.000 ions/cm3. In the countryside we find 300-400/cm3, in Budapest 50-100/cm3, at workplaces, offices a mere 25-30 ions/cm3 of oxygen ions in the air.
All our cells are built by the connective tissue which needs a great amount of oxygen ions, this making it one of the basic reasons for the need of using ionized oxygen in case of professional athletes.

To finalize Rudolf Weyergans gave an overview on the history of the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy and the Vacusport device. The origin of the IVT technique (Intermittent Vacuum Therapy) lies in manned space travel, were it is still used as of today. The further development was beneficial for the cardio-vascular medicine, prevention and cosmetics as well as to accelerate rehabilitation of top athletes. Numerous Studies give scientific evidence, of which several of the prior speakers report from own experience.

Picture: Rudolf Weyergans and Prof Vincze Janos are old friends, always happy to discuss relevant issues.
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