International trainer meeting Easteurope

- 30.09.2014 - WP_20140927_004
Belorussia, Russia, Chechnya and Kazakhstan are High Care Countries

Gut Boisdorf, Germany. At The Weyergans High Care Cosmetics Headquarter several international training from four different countries were trained from September 22nd til 28th. The intensive training was given in Russian language by the Master Trainer, Dr. Sandra Vaivode, from Latvia (middle of picture).  

Once again the focus was on Cellulite, weak connective tissue and spider veins as well as on Anti Aging. Dr. Vaivode herself is running her own Weyergans High Care Center since more than 15 years in very successfully.  

As one of the four int’l Master Trainer she has given her know how to many Weyergans partners all over the world e.g. United Arab Emirates, Thailand or Costa Rica. The last week’s training was a great success. The estheticians and their customers in Belorussia, Russia, Chechnya and Kazakhstan will benefit and perform into better body image, better shape and better health.
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