Vacusport Intercontinental

- 02.10.2018 - The Intermittent Vacuum Therapy -IVT- with the VACUSPORT® device is already available in every continent on our planet: From Brazil over South Africa, several European countries via Middle East and India, as well as Indonesia or South Korea.

It is a great pleasure bringing people from different nations together - like it just happened now. Diego Paiva, well-known physiotherapist and osteopath from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and scientific consultant of VACUSPORT® Brazil, was just flown in to Istanbul in order to take care about the injury of Besiktas Istanbul star, Adriano, Brazilian defence player in service of the Turkish club.

Together with our friends in Turkey we have brought them in touch with our long-term partner clinic, BEYZADEOĞLU KLİNİĞİ, which is specialized in sports injuries and working with two VACU-devices in their clinic! A few days ago, their therapist has welcomed both, Diego and Adriano, for a first session in the VACUSPORT®. Diego has posted pictures of their meeting on his Instagram account.

Wishing a smooth recovery and thanking all people involved for such great intercontinental cooperation!
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