What is cellulite?

Cellulite appears in the form of weak connective tissue with furrows and dimples on the skin of the thighs, stomach and buttocks. Cellulite is first to be seen on the thighs, -interior and exterior.

Several stages

The cellulite passes through several stages. The first stage can be detected by the pinch test, only. The 2nd stage only gets visible, when the skin is squeezed e.g. while sitting or while standing or walking on the stage in the sidelight of the spots („mannequin’s stadium“). The 3rd stadium is always visible.

Not an appearance of modern times

Cellulite is not an appearance of modern times. It has always existed. But until less than three decades ago, only one woman in three above the age of 30 was affected by it. That has changed: since the end of the seventies increasingly more and increasingly younger women have been getting cellulite.

An apparition ahead

Already 1996 the well-known expert, Prof. Dr. F.G. Nuernberger from the Dermatological Clinic of the Rudolf Birched University Hospital, Berlin, discovered: ”More than 80% of all women suffer from so-called ‘cellulitis’ or rather cellulite!” (Medical Tribune, 4 1996). In the meantime girls are being affected by orange peel skin even before they reach puberty.

Men are affected, too

Cellulite or "dimpled skin" appears in the form of weak connective tissue with ruts and bumps on the skin of the thighs, arms, stomach and buttocks. Most affected are the thighs on the inside - and outside.
The only way to get a real grip on cellulite is through differentiated treatment. The lymph flow must be stimulated and at the same time the connective tissue should become firm. As many people simultaneously have flab (local adipositas) or are overweight in general, the fat metabolism should also be stimulated.