Future Vision

Weyergans High Care AG has exactly defined its brand 'High Care®'. Many years ago on the occasion of a seminar for time management at HelfRecht the subject arose of describing the history of the brand and the company from a point of time in the future – in retrospect so to speak. The exact date chosen by Rudolf Weyergans was 24.5.2052. Why? You can find out here.

The mission statement

It is Friday, 24.05.2052. At a beautiful place somewhere in the world a meeting of the continental managers of Weyergans High Care Cosmetics is taking place. The objective of the meeting is to answer the question: How can we celebrate the 100th birthday of the company founder on the same day the following year?!'

We don’t know what the outcome of the conversation was. But we could eavesdrop on the managers talking about what led to the greatness and the international significance of the company: in 2052 the silver goose on a blue ground is a well-known trademark and has become familiar in almost all the countries in the world. This trademark stands for a positive attitude to life, hygiene, good health and the wish for a good figure.

Under the trademark of the silver goose on a blue ground effective products for primary and secondary prevention are sold, including cosmetics, medical cosmetics, health preservation and disease prevention.

Features of all the products:
-  outstanding technical / ecological quality
-  high added value due to training in combination with the purchase of our products
-  simple deign and no frills

All the staff of the company, also and especially management, administration and organisation specialists, work in partnership with each other. Our suppliers enjoy precise placing of orders and well-functioning business collaboration; they do not profit only financially from us. Some of our suppliers have expressed the wish to join our company. Due to our non-stop activity, our international contacts and our economic significance locally, authorities and banks approach us for servitudes.

A hallmark of the company right from the start has been a high degree of specialisation and the constant innovation of products and services. The market penetration is rather low. In the developed and processed market sectors however the actual market share is often 100 %.

The physical centre of the company is a property in ecologically intact surroundings which is also used for residential purposes by the management and some of the staff. Here ambitions are realised with regard to life, communication, innovation, management, development, administration, parts of the production, free time and hobbies. There are also further production sites and national and above all international administration facilities.
The activities which take place under the sign of the goose are always oriented towards the preservation of people's health and their environment. The relevant environmental aspects are always taken into consideration when developing and formulating the aims of the company. In this respect the company founder worked actively into old age and leaves behind a valuable, non-material inheritance.

Bad Alexandersbad, November 1991.