high care® cosmetics

Holistic competence for premium institutes Since more than 30 years, the Weyergans High Care AG develops unique care products and innovative, often patented cosmetic and medical applications.

Our principal claim: Quality, sustainability and evidence.

Experience an outstandingly high dosage of valuable active ingredients. Learn all about applications actively supporting biological and physiological processes in our body. Get to know our unique care concepts for whole-body and anti-aging treatments.

Do not miss out on our core competence – the Differentiated Cellulite Treatment®. This concept comprises a holistic approach to the improvement of unloved orange peel skin. It is conducted in professional cosmetic institutes as well as in home care.  

Everything is combined in the holistic world of Weyergans high care® cosmetics.
We adopt extraordinary courses and will do everything for supporting you on your way to a healthy and beautiful body.
For more than care. For high care®.

Rudolf Weyergans
unterschrift rudolf weyergans

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