Holistic approach

All in one hand High care® cosmetics are holistic! Our unique institute and home treatments, cosmetic products and nutritional supplements are comprisingly build upon each other. Thus, all single parts of high care® cosmetics face and body care complement each other in an unreached and effective way.

For more than care. For high care®.

Die Ganzheitlichkeit von Weyergans high care cosmetics
1. Professional seminars
Start of our holistic concept is the participation in one of our basis or special seminars. Whoever works with Weyergans is a high care® professional!

2. Saliva test
As a unique application at the cosmetics market, the saliva test enables an individual analysis and care advise.

3. Facial Care
Effective short and special high care® facial treatments with premium cosmetic products and devices make your skin shine like new.

4. Breast, decolleté and abdomen
Results-oriented treatment of problematic areas – by means of low pressure and activating ingredients, even bear down upon persistent body zones.

5. Body styling
On basis of established aerospace technology, the Vacustyler® shapes legs and bottom in alternating pressure ratios.
6. Home care advising
Perfect care for each skin type, effective solutions for each skin problem! With the unique product modular system of high care® cosmetics, home care can be chosen individually.

7. Anti-Aging
Valuable ingredients make our tightening skin care an indispensable part of daily home care.  

8. Tightening of connective tissue
For optimising results reached by institute and home care, our special cosmetic body products support the tightening of connective tissue and give rise to success stories.

9. Beauty from inside
High-quality nutritional food tops off holistic care of high care® cosmetics. Delicately and full of vitamins, they support cosmetic treatments and activate your beauty from within.

10. Holistic care
In this way, you experience unreached holistic body care made by Weyergans. For more beauty and health from in- and outside. Simply high care®.