New Weyergans patent: IONO-JET

- 23.07.2019 - Conducting a micro massage with high pressure, stimulating cell metabolism by means of plasma (energized O2) and at the same time injecting bioactive liquids into the skin: this is what we call the Iono-Jet procedure. Due to its unique application, the Patent Office has donated a patent for the new Weyergans product.

With more than 30 patents, Weyergans High Care AG from Dueren is one of the most innovative companies in the cosmetics and medical technology industry, far beyond Germany. The special feature: The company only develops and produces products that really work and have proven to produce unique changes in skin appearance. Iono-Jet is the best example for this; its results can be seen in the form of sustainable skin rejuvenation, detox or an anti-aging effect directly after the first application. It is also used for reducing age spots or for general skin lightening.

Please click HERE to learn more about the Iono-Jet device made in Germany.
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