Ageless beauty The Timeless series is a caring and regenerating face and decolleté care for demanding, damaged or prematurely aged skin. As the main ingredient, highly dosed mistletoe extract and silk proteins provide for an optimal skin feeling and a tightening effect. Used mistletoe extract is in conformity with the HAB (German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia) and is unique at the cosmetics market. In the past, it was used for healing of skin and the strengthening of immune system. Today, this valuable extract of the Timeless series supports skin cell regeneration.

For timeless beauty - independent from age.
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Saturating luxury mask with (ASCIII) collagen activator and anti-oxidant palmityl ascorbic acid.

Timeless Active Mask

50ml, Ref.no.373;Kabi 250ml,Ref.no.374

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Light care foam with milk peptides for improved skin elasticity and freshness.

Timeless A-Xion

100 ml, Ref.no. 378

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Rich face care with silk proteins and jojoba oil for a relaxing and smooth skin feeling.  

Timeless Intensive Care

50ml Ref.no.361;Kabi 250ml,Ref.no.365

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Moisturizing 24-h care with urea for demanding skin.

Timeless Moisturising Care

50ml,Ref.no.360;Kabi 250ml,Ref.no.364

Timeless Soon Future Concentrate

Cabin 10 ml, Ref.no. 384

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