Vacu Prestige: Feel the difference

The new lightness of smooth, firm skin and great body
There is a new method during which you are alternately treated with vacuum- and overpressure waves. The technique was originally applied in manned space travel (more information below); it is used by the NASA to ensure the astronauts' blood circulation in weightlessness. The same procedure is also used in modern medicine for circulatory disorders, spider veins, varicose veins and tired or swollen feet and legs (oedemas). For use in modern figure and health care, the technology was additionally equipped with a special 'Beautylight module' - a study shows how intensive red and near infrared light can strengthen the collagen density (connective tissue).
How to look great in 25 minutes The treatment only lasts 25 minutes and takes place in a comfortable lying position. It is extremely relaxing and calming. You can only feel the lens, which is supposed to seal the 'space tube' pressure-tight and alternately a slight suction and overpressure.

Feel the new lightness!

Enjoy the great feeling of having done the best for a beautiful skin, good figure and healthy vitality. Feel the difference! The treatments are available at well-managed cosmetic, wellness and health centers.

Why Space technology?

Weightlessness in space causes medical complications for astronauts. Without gravity, the heart is too weak to pump blood and oxygen all the way to the tips of the toes. The solution: a negative pressure device for the lower half of the body. The method was invented by NASA in cooperation with the DLR (German Aerospace Center). Weyergans High Care AG is research partner and spin-off of DLR and has further developed the 'Vacu device' to treat cellulite.

Only for beauty professionals

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