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Welcome at Weyergans

Your partner for innovative cosmetics, medicine and fitness concepts
Did you already know? Before the new trend comes, Weyergans is already here. Because Weyergans High Care AG is the leading international provider of concept-based treatment methods with a unique combination of cosmetic and medical devices as well as preparations and the established synonym for true effectiveness. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and the creation of a truly healthy, beautiful and happy life by offering concrete solutions to concrete problems. This is what our international partners spread through the entire world since more than 30 years - the unique High Care® philosophy. Take a look at the three High Care® branches and find out if you are the right partner for our visionary, life-changing and first of all innovative concepts. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

High Care® Cosmetics

High quality care and effective concepts for face and body: get to know the Weyergans cosmetic treatments.
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High Care® Medical

Medical products with the highest standards and certifications for innovative clinics, professional sports and medical facilities.
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High Care® Fitness

Beauty and health: these are combined in holistic concepts for ensuring more flow in the vessels and tight skin.
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High Care® News

News Iono-Aktiv Maske



World innovation: The new IONO-ACTIVE mask has arrived!

Do you know the feeling when you return home from a long walk in the forest or by the sea and feel refreshed and full of energy? Oxygen is an essential good for the organism. We need it for our metabolism and to keep up our physical and mental fitness. In the city and in closed rooms, the air quality is often poor. There is a lack of the so-called negative ions in the air, which are important for the functionality of our body.

The new IONO-ACTIVE mask was developed by company founder Rudolf Weyergans exactly for this reason. It increases the number of negative ions in the ambient air by a multiple and permanently feeds you with the precious electronical particles. No matter if at home, at work or on the way - the small device can be used everywhere.

Would you like to know more about the IONO-ACTIVE mask? In this press article you can learn more about our innovative world novelty. You can also find further information at this place on our website .

News Markus Kessler



New member of the WHC AG supervisory board

We are delighted to have a new member on the Weyergans High Care AG supervisory board. The general meeting elected Mr. Markus Kessler for this purpose. Mr. Kessler is an industry insider and has many years of experience in corporate management with a focus on corporate strategy, organizational development, controlling, reorganization and restructuring. As CEO of a German competitor with a turnover of over 900 million euros, he worked in the cosmetics sector for 13 years.

Welcome, Mr. Kessler!

News Ildiko 100 franchisees



Rockstars of franchisees!

Just imagine: among the 100 most important women-run franchise companies worldwide, our partner Ildiko Lavotha from Hungary and the High Care® Center system is one. This is a great award for Ildiko and her team. Chapeau!

It is also an award for the concept of High Care®. The concept has been around for 25 years. We slowly grew into it and together with you we all have continued to develop it over the years. Step by step. It weathered the Great Depression in the late 90s and it will also weather the current pandemic. Because like no other company we all stand for "... more than beauty!" We also stand for good treatment results, good health and clearly structured processes.

Thank you Ildiko. We are proud of the recognition and of your work as well as the work of the entire int’l Greygoose family!