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Your partner for innovative cosmetics, medicine and fitness concepts
Did you already know? Before the new trend comes, Weyergans is already here. Because Weyergans High Care AG is the leading international provider of concept-based treatment methods with a unique combination of cosmetic and medical devices as well as preparations and the established synonym for true effectiveness. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and the creation of a truly healthy, beautiful and happy life by offering concrete solutions to concrete problems. This is what our international partners spread through the entire world since more than 30 years - the unique High Care® philosophy. Take a look at the three High Care® branches and find out if you are the right partner for our visionary, life-changing and first of all innovative concepts. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

High Care® Cosmetics

High quality care and effective concepts for face and body: get to know the Weyergans cosmetic treatments.
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High Care® Medical

Medical products with the highest standards and certifications for innovative clinics, professional sports and medical facilities.
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High Care® Fitness

Beauty and health: these are combined in holistic concepts for ensuring more flow in the vessels and tight skin.
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High Care® News

News UV+ Care


JUNE 2020

Maximum protection and care!

Summery-light and a must-have for all those who place importance to a perfect care experience during the warm season: UV + Care SPF 50.

UV + Care SPF 50 is much more than simple sun protection for sensitive facial skin. Our UV care supplies the skin with valuable ingredients such as vitamin E and almond oil and has a maximum nourishing effect without leaving an unpleasant film.

By the way: Every skin type has an individual protection time. During this time, our skin does not get sunburned. If the self-protection time is, for example, 10 minutes, the person can theoretically spend 500 minutes protected in the sun with a generously and evenly applied SPF 50.

10 minutes self-protection time x 50 (SPF) = 500 [/ B]

Attention! In order to be on the safe side, the increased duration of protection should in principle be used up to a maximum of 60 percent.

News Bodyguard


JUNE 2020

Protection and care for beauty and health!

The absolute highlight of Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics is the new Bodyguard which was developed for a good figure and good health and especially for the tightening of the connective tissue. The innovative device combines the medically effective Dermionologie (application of plasma from highly active oxygen ions - O2 (-) -) with extra-intensive red / near-infrared light. The Bodyguard attracted great international interest after a short time. One of the first devices can be found in Iceland, for example. There the Bodyguard is accepted with great enthusiasm. You can get an insight HERE.

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News Collamin


MAY 2020

Healthy and delicious!

The preparations for the perfect summer body are in full swing. The support by effective nutritional supplements from our Nutri Care® series should not be underestimated. Our body constantly produces new collagen during collagen synthesis. With the help of enzymes, the existing protein is broken down into its individual components, the amino acids, and then reassembled. With increasing age, due to the influence of hormones or due to improper nutrition, collagen synthesis no longer functions optimally. The result: a weak connective tissue!

The highly effective nutritional supplement COLLAMIN LIQUID contains the full portion of collagen hydrolyzate and vitamin B6 as well as hydrolyzed amino acids, which are known to promote firm skin and healthy bones.

Simply drink 20 ml daily as an intensive cure for a period of 90 days or ideally integrate it into everyday life!

For healthy beauty - inside and out.