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The Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT®) according to Rudolf Weyergans

Weyergans' core competence
Rudolf Weyergans, the 'cellulite pope' personally, has developed an effective combination of institute and home treatments, as well as healthy eating and a conscious lifestyle, which is supposed to reduce the unloved orange peel. Above all, the differentiated, supportive treatment in the professional institute should not be underestimated. Numerous application observations from international High Care® institutes have been successful for years.

Because from the beginning of his career, Rudolf Weyergans was interested in the treatment of connective tissue weaknesses. He was the first to explain cellulite as a local lymphatic disorder. In 1985 he received worldwide attention at the 40th international anniversary congress of CIDESCO in Vienna with his lecture 'Cellulite, a disease that is not yet'. His basic idea of ​​a differentiated cellulite treatment was later even patented. In 1989 he combined further research work - for example with the Max Planck Institute - in the health guide 'Aktiv gegen Cellulite (actively against cellulite)', which was published by the Humboldt Verlag and has been translated into 12 languages ​​to date. Further studies on the subject of orange peel and weak veins and his work as an expert in the Stiftung Warentest made Rudolf Weyergans known as the 'cellulite pope'.

Building blocks of the DCT®:

Treatment with a concept
Body Wrapping

  • Body Wrapping - Effective wrapping technique with the -original- cinnamon cream
  • Slide Styler® - Mechanical lymphatic drainage: Proven for a good figure for decades
  • SPM® - Suction pump massage
  • Bodystar - Electrolipolysis. The stimulating treatment
  • Pro Shape Body Styler - Relieving application in the protective cocoon
  • Vacustyler® -Vacuum wave treatment, which acts on the lower half of the body with changing pressure conditions.
Additionally: The high-quality, cosmetic products from High Care® Cosmetics
Unique on the market and proven for many years, selected preparations from the Blue Line and Nutri Care series from High Care® Cosmetics support the treatment of cellulite. Exclusive ingredients are designed to optimize the improvement of the skin's appearance: ivy, marigold and leg wave extracts to stimulate lymphatic flow, thymus extract and caffeine to activate fat metabolism, firbostimulin to tighten connective tissue, and carnitine and liposomes as effective enhancers. All preparations work individually and stand for unmatched high quality.

What is cellulite?

In order to actively tackle cellulite, you need the necessary background knowledge about the causes and the right strategy to tackle the problem and to bring the connective tissue into the right shape. In today's body-conscious society, good looks play an increasingly important role. If you want to do something for yourself and against cellulite, all doors are open. On our website you will find all relevant information on the development and control of cellulite through healthy eating, exercise and weight loss as well as various recognized aids in the form of therapies (e.g. lymphatic drainage, negative pressure treatments) and applications.

But first we have to clarify: What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a change in the connective tissue that leads to clearly visible bumps and dents on the skin surface. While it is believed that approximately 95% of women suffer from cellulite, the problem occurs less frequently in men. This is due to the different arrangement of the cells in the subcutaneous fat in men and women. Meanwhile, men are also getting orange peel.

The orange peel problem initially appeared primarily in western countries, where over time the population had to struggle more and more with food that was too fatty and insufficient exercise, but also with hormonal changes. It is gradually spreading all over the world, as these problems are now also on the agenda in other countries. In today's society, a healthy and well-groomed body still plays an important role and so cellulite is deliberately perceived as bothersome and flawed. Synonyms for cellulite include Orange peel and cellulite. While the name orange peel is very common and describes the core of the problem very well, the term cellulitis is incorrectly chosen from a medical point of view, since it is not an inflammation, as this suggests.

In addition to hormonal predisposition to connective tissue weakness, the causes of the appearance of orange peel are also overweight, improper nutrition and little exercise. Affected areas of skin can be found wherever the body forms fat deposits. The thighs and buttocks are particularly affected by the orange peel, but also the abdomen and upper arms in places.

Is cellulite an illness?

Even if this is partially portrayed as such, cellulite is not a disease in the strict sense, but a change in the skin that is caused by the connective tissue. Because cellulite looks so unattractive at first glance, it is generally perceived as unpleasant and embarrassing by those affected. However, it does not cause pain in itself.

In many cases it is not only uncomfortable for women who are affected by a more pronounced form, lightly dressed in a bathing suit, underwear or in a bikini present, but it can lead to more severe psychological problems that are triggered by the orange peel. It is therefore important to take timely and consistent action against the problem.

The cellulite stages

Stage 1 is considered the lightest expression level is understood and is characterized by the fact that the cellulite is not visible on the surface, but can only be made visible by pinching the skin.

In level 2, the middle level, cellulite is visible when the affected person stands to the side or the corresponding skin areas are pressed together - for example while sitting. If the skin is relaxed (for example when lying down), the orange peel cannot be seen.

In level 3, the strongest manifestation, cellulite is both standing up and clearly visible when lying down. This level in particular is usually very uncomfortable for the person concerned and a psychological burden.

Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT)
The typical pinch test shows the cellulite stage.

Proper nutrition for cellulite

In order to strengthen the connective tissue and fight cellulite, it is important to follow some basic guidelines regarding nutrition. In hectic everyday life, it is easy to have no overview of how much and, above all, what you are consuming. Overweight, poor general condition and bad skin are the consequences. Diets are often only started half-heartedly and the problem is compounded by the subsequent yo-yo effect. So when changing your diet, you should aim to find a healthy mediocrity that you can keep up with over the long term.

In the following we would like to introduce you to the most important recommendations and tips so that you can achieve your desired weight and get a grip on cellulite:

Less fat and carbohydrates
A low-fat diet not only helps you reduce your weight, it also helps to break down love handles at the crucial points (thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms). In addition, this generally results in a better complexion and thus a firmer connective tissue. In this respect, it is highly recommended to pay attention to this to tackle the unpopular orange peel. So when you next shop, take a targeted look at the fat content of certain foods and study the contents carefully.

Healthy weight loss
Carbohydrates are important for the body. However, if you change your diet so that you partially replace carbohydrates with vegetables, fruits and other foods, this also contributes to weight loss and a healthy diet. The degree of cellulite in slender people is often lower than in overweight people. A leaner and physically fitter person therefore has a better chance of achieving excellent results by additional cellulite treatments such as lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite creams and significantly reducing the problem.

Cellulite nutrition tips
In particular, you should avoid meat and sausage products that naturally contain a lot of fat (e.g. roast, goulash) and foods that are prepared with a lot of fat (e.g. hamburgers, bratwurst). Tasty sweets are not only real calorie bombs, they also contain a lot of sugar. If you feel the need for it now and then, try to go for fresh fruit and other healthy alternatives if possible. You will quickly find that it is an effective measure for your body and against cellulite.

Die Differenzierte Cellulite Behandlung made by Weyergans

Very important for cellulite: Don't forget to drink!

Make sure you drink enough fluids every day. This helps against cellulite in that the liquid ensures that the skin falls less inwards and the unsightly dents are less visible. The main thing is to boost metabolism and fat burning. Mainly drink water, tea and diluted spritzers, as they contain little calories and are therefore not only healthy, but can also be drunk in large quantities during a diet. Alcohol is only recommended on special occasions and in smaller quantities.

Anti-cellulite exercises

The right sports program to fight the orange peel: A lot of exercise and sport are essential if you want to finally win the fight against cellulite. Both are not only good for the figure in general, but can also be used specifically to train the connective tissue, legs and buttocks and thus permanently reduce the orange peel in the affected areas. Put together your individual training program and integrate it in your everyday life - you will see that the first successes will soon show. There is no such thing as an optimal anti-cellulite sport, but there are a whole range of sports that are particularly useful for tackling the unsightly dents. These sports are specially designed to strengthen the connective tissue and to optimally reduce fat and weight. This includes all endurance sports such as swimming, running or cycling.

You should also pay special attention to the so-called love handles, i.e. the places on the body where fat cells accumulate particularly easily. With special exercises for the corresponding parts of the body, for example exercises to strengthen the glutes and thighs, you can achieve good training results here. Good sports and fitness studios offer appropriate training programs on request.

But you can also tackle cellulite with a few small exercises that can be integrated directly into everyday life: For example, simply take the stairs instead of the elevator, do simple exercises in the office to train the legs and buttocks and cover short distances by bike. Even these small changes can lead to an improvement in the long term, since they are used easily and frequently without unnecessarily burdening you. But one thing is particularly important: exercise regularly and persistently. If you manage to maintain your weight and fitness permanently, you are doing something good for your skin and connective tissue.

Supplemented with various anti-cellulite measures such as lymphatic drainage, massages and care products such as anti-cellulite creams, you are guaranteed a top result for your skin.

Cellulite treatment

With lots of exercise and a healthy diet, the first step has already been taken to get the unsightly orange peel under control. But only through supportive treatment methods and measures is it possible to make cellulite treatment a lasting success.

You will find support and advice in numerous specialized institutes that offer and carry out such cellulite treatments all overthe world. Due to the special focus on the treatment of cellulite, you will be given particularly competent and comprehensive advice there and can choose from the various treatment methods and offers from Weyergans.