Beauty 2020

Innovative beauty products, current trends and unique cosmetics treatments - all of this can be found at BEAUTY 2020 in Duesseldorf. Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics will once again be an exhibitor ... more

Luxury care @ Pure series

From now on, the luxurious Self Deep Care Concentrate will not only appear in an elegant and new pump dispenser, but also with a new name: PURE LONGEVITY. This unique concentrate provides a ... more

High Care® Scandinavia

Weyergans is particularly pleased: After many years, High Care® Cosmetics is finally - again - represented by professional trading partners in Sweden and Norway. A few days ago, the first ... more

Medica 2019

Since monday, the Vacumed® for intermittent vacuum therapy by Weyergans can be found at the Medica - the international trade fair for medical ... more

Lip & Lymphedema Congress 2019

Last weekend, the Lip & Lymphedema Congress 2019 took place in Waldenburg at the Sports and Physiotherapy School - and the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy (IVT) made by Weyergans was also represented! ... more

New: High Care® Cleansing System

From now on there is a new Weyergans line of already well-known products: In the HIGH CARE® CLEANSING SYSTEM you will find the cleaning products of High Care® Cosmetics - combined to a ... more

Improved formula

As an indispensable part of the High Care® basic facial care, the Crystal Collagen Gel Mask has been known to our customers for some time. It convinces with high quality minerals and trace ... more

Visible results with SPM®

The original SPM® suction pump massage offered by Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics is a traditional, safe and proven treatment method. It is a combination of relaxing massage and cupping. Under ... more

Threefold anniversary at Weyergans

Today, we are celebrating a threefold anniversary at Weyergans High Care AG: Burkhard Schumann, now CEO, started 25 years ago with the company, which at that time consisted of the two companies ... more

New: Rosacea Skin Control

When the skin 'turns red' ... it needs a special product line that cares, soothes and conceals: this is what the new care concept High Care® Rosacea stands for! Three medical-cosmetic products ... more

High Care Center Opening @ Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam. Last week, Rudolf Weyergans visited Vietnam for meeting our partners and for taking part in the big opening of the first High Care Center. Amongst others, ... more

New Weyergans patent: IONO-JET

Conducting a micro massage with high pressure, stimulating cell metabolism by means of plasma (energized O2) and at the same time injecting bioactive liquids into the skin: this is what we call ... more

Baltic Week 2019

Thanks a lot to our longstanding distributor Solveiga Aminjara for the great organization of the Baltic Week 2019 and congratulations to all participants.

It was a fantastic meeting week ... more

NEW @ BLUE LINE: Volumina

By the age of 25, our skin begins to lose its resistance and defenses against external aging factors such as particle or electrosmog and too much UV radiation. As we grow older, the layer of fat ... more

POWER WORKSHOP at MTR Health & Spa in Switzerland

Many exciting information and treatments were discussed yesterday during an intensive workshop at the training center in Zurich!
The combinations of SPM®, Iono Jet, Dermio Care® Plus and the ... more

Simply Red international

Not only the German women are already convinced by the unsurpassed effects of 'Simply Red' - our international partners also report: Customers around the globe are real fans of the unique Spray ... more

Vacumed success in Romania

Congratulations to the Techirghiol Spa and Rehabilitation Sanatorium which started to work with the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy - IVT - in early February and now already installed the second ... more

IVT @ China

During these days, Rudolf Weyergans is on an intensive lecture tour through five Chinese metropolies, i.a. Beijing, Wuxi and Xiang. There, he introduces the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy - IVT - in ... more

Weyergans is ISO 13485-2016 certified

The new EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) has been in force since May 2017 and will become binding from May 2020. From then on, even cosmetic, sun and fitness studios are no longer allowed to ... more

BEAUTY 2019: Let's go!

The team of Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics surrounding Rudolf Weyergans is ready to start a successful and exciting exhibition weekend at the BEAUTY 2019 in Dusseldorf.

Visit us in Hall ... more

Franchise Meeting @ Hungary

This year's franchise meeting of High Care Hungary was a great success. The lectures were highly informative and all participating experts got the chance to exchange valuable ideas about ... more


The first half of the year stands for innovative trade fairs around the world - including Bucharest, Romania, where our long-time partners Roxana and Silviu celebrated a great success at the COSMO ... more


Also our Polish partners of the company 'Hasmed' have successfully represented the brand High Care® Cosmetics for the first time at the BEAUTY FORUM WARSAW exhibition. From 09-10th of March, many ... more


The Swiss beauty trade fair 'BEAUTY FORUM SWISS', which took place this weekend, was a great success for Weyergans and our partner ... more

Dermio Top Head against spring allergy

Did you know...? The beautician and naturopath Anne-Maie Koipmans from Tongeren, Belgium, believes in times of spring allergy in the Dermio Care® Plus treatment with ... more

Save the Date: Beauty 2019

The ... more

Hungarian beauty results

Take a look at the great before-after-pictures of our Hungarian partners and see, how the unique and extraordinary High Care® treatments can lead to highly visible and noticeable results. We ... more

High Care News!

Here is the new product of High Care® Cosmetics: SIMPLY RED! The first Spray Lipolyzer for Body & Shape. Please watch the video for full information

Beauty professionals find more ... more

IVT @ Medica

The ... more

Beauty exhibition in Hungary

The Beauty exhibition in Hungary was very successful for Weyergans High Care Hungary Kft. Visitors showed a huge interest in the brandnew and patented Dermio Care ... more

Another patent for Weyergans

Munich / Dueren. The German Patent Office has granted the patent to the Dermio Care® Plus-device. This confirms the high innovative strength of Weyergans High Care ... more

Training at Gut Boisdorf

Thank you Has-Med - sprzęt medyczny i rehabilitacyjny for the very sucessful seminar at our headquarters. We appreciate the visit of our long-standing partner from Poland who came for ... more

Vacusport Intercontinental

The Intermittent Vacuum Therapy -IVT- with the VACUSPORT® device is already available in every continent on our planet: From Brazil ... more

Re-opening in Iceland

A few days ago, a new high care studio was re-opened in Kopavogur, Iceland. Subsequent to the launch party, a two-day workshop was held where all excited participants learned about the ... more

IVT conference in Belorussia

As a continuation of the successful IVT symposium at Minsk - which took place in May 2018 - 60 rehabilitation experts from all over Belorussia met today for exchanging further ideas and insights ... more

Vacumed @ China

Just now, the Vacumed device was presente by Rudolf Weyergans in Jackson Hole, Orenda, China at 'Sorea Company'. The Intermittent Vacuum Therapy will be applied as an important module of the ... more

4th international IVT Symposium

Cristiano Ronaldo is taking a selfie in the Vacu and receives 1,196,360 likes for his post on Instagram. Incredible! One of the world's best soccer players is also enthusiastically using the ... more

4th international IVT Symposium

This year's IVT Symposium shifted Vacumed / Vacusport to the next scientific dimension. Delegates from numerous countries, from Russia to Brazil, met in Moscow on May 27 to share their ... more

High Care Conference in Hungary

On 14 May 2018 the High Care Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary. More than 50 participants took part in the event and were interested in the innovations of 2018. A special attention was ... more

Product of the week: Alpha Mousse

Very fluffy and ultra light. The Alpha Mousse from Weyergans high care® cosmetics is a special kind of care foam and an important component of the differentiated cellulite treatment. The product ... more

World innovation at Beauty 2018

The Weyergans High Care® AG would like to thank all visitors who joined to the BEAUTY 2018. The fair was a great success. For the first time, Weyergans presented the world innovation in ... more

Master meeting 2018

When the best High Care® trainers from all over the world meet together at Gut Boisdorf, it's time for the master meeting 2018. The team made many valuable lessons, compaired treatment results ... more

No space for cellulite!

Did you know that our connective tissue is naturally renewed every 72 hours? It is an enzymatic process - the so-called "collagen synthesis" - as long as it works well, there is no room for ... more

Russian patent for Weyergans

The technique of intermittent vacuum therapy with the Vacumed® and Vacusport® device from Weyergans High Care AG is now also patented in the Russian Federation. The authorized representative of ... more

Small ampoule - large effect

Experience a special beauty program with the new Natural Nourish ampoule. The rich oil concentrate enhances treatments and offers a uniquely soft skin feeling. Natural Nourish transforms a simple ... more

Medical Devices Regulation

The new year has started and at the same time the European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR-) has come into force. Lipolysis, Cryo, IPL, Ultrasound, Laser, Radio Frequency, Cavitation and others ... more

20 years successful partnership

Thank you for 20 years of success and partnership!
Ryan Li (c-level of Beauty Farm) the chinese partner for cosmetics received the award for best business in China at the Cosmoprof expo in Hong ... more

Successful partnership

Premedion is one of the biggest spa trading companies worldwide. Weyergans High Care AG and Premedion have a very successful partnership in the middle eastern countries since many years. From now ... more

Weyergans goes Cosmoprof

Weyergans High Care® AG has presented its innovative devices and cosmetic products at this year's Cosmoprof trade fair in Hong Kong. The fair was very sucsessful. Weyergans High Care® would like ... more

16th Annual Scientific Meeting

November 15th -18th 2017, Palembang, Indonesia. 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association (PERDOSRI). Rudolf Weyergans took part and had a ... more

Top team: Flamengo Rio de Janeiro and Vacusport

The registration process with the Brazilian Ministry of Health took two years. After this long wait, Weyergans High Care® AG is proud to present the first VACUSPORT in the country. One of ... more

Hyperpigmentation and plasma technology

Hyperpigmentation or an uneven skin tone can be very disturbing, as they usually appear clearly on the face and hands - the body parts that are most exposed to the sun. With the revolutionary ... more

Caribbean Diabetes Conference

From September 29th to 30th the Caribbean Diabetes Conference, organized by the Diabetes Association of Trinidad & Tobago, took place. In this context, Wazir Mohammed was talking about the ... more

15th anniversary

We congratulate and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gabriel (export).

Rudolf Weyergans congratulated his colleague on a faithful and successful collaboration.

With the words: Hopefully ... more

Innovative: penetration of fruit acid with ultrasound

In aesthetic cosmetics fruit acid peels are used especially in the cold seasons. Tired and colourless skin will get a real freshness kick. For a very intensive treatment result the fruit acid ... more

Service Quality Germany

Outstanding customer service and sustainable quality – that’s what Weyergans stands for. The renewed award of the Service Quality Germany confirms our values in a special way. With the 'Q' for ... more

Baltic Week 2017

Thank you to our first group of new Baltic partners from Latvia and Lithuania who visited Gut Boisdorf this week! It was a pleasure meeting you and exchanging new ideas - this year especially ... more

IVT News

Two professional athletes from Romania regularly use intermittent vacuum therapy for muscle regeneration.
Daniela Irina is an extreme runner and has already covered distances of 360km during a ... more

Upgrade of Management Team

The management of Weyergans High Care AG gave procuration to Jasmin Wienhusen (second from left). Mrs. Wienhusen is division manager of high care cosmetics and responsible for German sales and ... more

25 years of High Care Hungary

High Care Hungary can look back at 25 years of success and a highly prosperous partnership!

It all started with one device: the SPM®. Later, products and applications such as Styler Cream, ... more

Rumanian Week at Gut Boisdorf

Dueren, Gut Boisdorf, March 20.-24. 2017. These days, Weyergans welcomed a group of Romanian cosmeticians and new clients in the headquarter in Dueren. Four days, the visitors experienced a ... more

High Care Seminar in Crete

Last weekend, Rudolf Weyergans gave a successful seminar in Crete, meeting a group of listeners from the Cretan cosmetologist association. Eva Masaki, president of the association, also held a ... more

Vacumed @ Iraq

March 2017, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Our partner and friend, Mr. Rasul Taha, has recently participated as a main sponsor with his company, Karoos Group, in the Hawler Medical University yearly ... more

New Colleague

Warm greetings to our new export manager Mr D. Bähr who just joined the Weyergans team and - in the future - is going to individually take care of new distribution partners from all around the ... more

Quality made in Germany - Korea

Düren, 15.12.2016. Weyergans High Care AG has been supplying their cosmetic products and medical devices to South Korea for many years. Audits by the Korean supervisory authorities (KFDA) ... more

Best franchisee of the world

Last weekend, from 3.-4.12.16, the yearly event called 'Best Franchisee of the World' took place at Florence, Italy. Weyergans master trainer, Edit Kesjar, was honored with her own High Care ... more

3rd int. IVT Symposium

Delegates from 14 countries and prominent int’l speakers shared their experiences, know-how and researches about the intermittent vacuum technology. New aspects of IVT: The neurological ... more

20 years High Care Baltic

This years, we celebrate 20 years of Weyergans High Care in the Baltic states. Due to that, our partners published articles in the Russian Boulevard magazine “Otkrito” and the Latvian ... more

Distributor Meeting 2016 at Riga

This year's distributor meeting took place in Riga, Latvia (Baltic states) from September 2nd – 4th (plus additional practical training and workshop on the 5th). Participants were the ... more

The new Iono-Jet

Have you already heard from the new IONO-JET device made by High Care® Cosmetics?

IONO-JET is an innovative technology for carrying out cosmetic-dermaceutical treatments using oxygen ... more

Vacusport @ China

Great news from China: Our Vacusport® partner Mr. Gao from Shanghai recently had a big success installing the low pessure device at two ... more

Baltic Week 2016

This year's 'Baltic Week' at company headquarter Gut Boisdorf - again - was a great success. A professional group of clients and interested parties spent 5 days at the High Care Academy for ... more

Sun care at its highest level

Again, Weyergans surprises with a brandnew product - this time for highest sun protection of your skin. The name of the new product is 'UV+ Care' .

UV+ Care SPF 50 with its unique light ... more

The new High Care® Multitalent

The brandnew Weyergans body mask convinces with its triple effect: Peeling, Detox and Firming.

It combines high grade active substances in a new product concept. Valuable chlorella ... more

Body Wrapping in Greece

The patented Body Wrapping treatment made by Weyergans is an internationally reconginzed technique for successful cosmeticians. People in gereneral are interested in the effective foil treatment ... more

Vacusport @ China

From 5th - 8th of May, a sports medicine congress took place at Beijing / China. For the first time, the Weyergans Vacusport device was represented by our new partner: The company Bright ... more

NEW: SPM® Bottom-Lifting

A new study reveals that 28% of all women from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are dissastisfied with their bottom. In other countries the number is even higher. According to Beauty Doc, in the ... more

Weyergans in Great Britain

From now on, Weyergans will also be available in Great Britain. Last week, our partner Solveiga Aminjara visited new High Care Studios in London, Twickenham and Burton on Trent to show them ... more

Kimes exhibition @ South Korea

From 17.-20.3.2016, our device for the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy - the VACUMED® - was exhibited at the KIMES exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. Many people were interested in the lower ... more

Romanian week 2016

Last week two groups of Beauty and Wellness Professionals from Romanian visited the Weyergans head quarter in Dueren. Together with the partners from Weyergans High Care Romania, the company has ... more

Vacusport worldwide

Few days ago, a new Vacusport was implemented at Madrid: At the surgery of Mr. Pedro Chueca (see in pic with his team). Mr. Chueca was Chief Physiotherapist at Real Madrid FC for more than 25 ... more

Successful master trainer meeting

Last weekend, the master trainer of High Care® Cosmetics met here in Dueren at Gut Boisdorf. They arrived from all around the world, namely Denmark, Latvia and Hungary - and were welcomed by ... more

New High Care Academy Manager

Today, the new manager of our High Care Academy was declared: Rudolf Weyergans himself congratulated our nice colleague Jasmin Wienhusen on her new position.

Mrs Wienhusen has got years of ... more

New Vacu-Patent

SENSATION: Our low pressure chamber with sliding lounger - as in case of the VACUMED® SL - has been patented by the European Patent office. That's High Care® at its best!

On the picture, ... more

NEW: Crystal Aloe Eye Pads

Order now the new HIGH CARE® CRYSTAL ALOE EYE PADS – a refreshing and revitalising care for radiating moments! Experience more than a regular care for the sensitive skin area around the eyes. ... more

VACUSPORT® at Galatasary Istanbul

Training camp of Galatasaray Istanbul, 07.11.2015.
During a maintenance at the Turkish professional soccer club, our technical colleague Lothar Abels bumped into well-known player Hamit Altintop ... more

High Care® International!

Gut Boisdorf, Headquarter. Sept. 22nd and 23rd. Visit from China. The best Sales People from our Chinese partner, Beauty Farm, were visiting us. Training, Incentive and of course: the phyilosphy ... more

High Care® International

High Care® International

Tymen, Russia: Master Trainer Sandra from Letonia will give a comprehensive DCB® training. All methods of the Differentiated Cellulite Treatment® will be shown in ... more

High Care® International

Our Baltic friends visited us during midsummer festival!
That has to be celebrated originally! Future and past together.


Cellu Seminar in Greece!

Athens, Greece, 23.03.2015: the renowned Differentiated Cellulite Treatment Seminar (DCT-Seminar) with Rudolf Weyergans took place in Athens, Greece. 61 highly qualified cosmeticians (owners of ... more

Interview at the fair Medica

Interview at innovation fair for medical technology - the MEDICA in Dusseldorf !

WEYERGANS high care® MEDICAL provides the unique IVT devices VACUMED ANS and VACUMED SL , and so pushes on ... more

Behind the scenes

Weyergans High Care AG Supervisory Board Meeting. Gut Boisdorf, Dueren, October 31st,2014. The Supervisory Board of Weyergans High Care AG meets twice a year. This year was dedicated to the ... more

Summit of the Associations and Sports Physicians in dialogue

Vacusport and Ionised Oxygen Therapy

Budapest, 10.10.2014

The members of the associations of the Olympic Comitee and the Chairpersons of important national Hungarian Sports Societies ... more

Quote from Solveiga Aminjara

Quote from our customer Solveiga Aminjara, Riga, Latvia

“Here in Riga we have several institutes within a narrow radius! But we are not competitors, we all jointly represent Weyergans and aim ... more

Quote from Judite Volkova

Quote from Judite Volkova, head of our High Care® Center in Riga:

“Why do I have a High Care® Center? Very simple! I offer outstanding High Care® quality and diversity which attracts only ... more


About 70 High Care® Beauticians followed the call of the Weyergans goose to a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city of Riga. The whole day was entirely dedicated to the Weyergans brand.

Dr. ... more

Multinational High Care Training

Now with representatives in 51 countries!

Gut Boisdorf. From 13th-17th October we hosted an international intensive training for national top trainers from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and ... more

Krisztián Berki - training with the Vacusport®

Krisztián Berki : Hungarian apparatus gymnast. His greatest successes were the gold medal at the Olympic Games 2012 on the pommel horse (high bar) as well as 2 times holder of the world title and ... more

Estetica in Brussels

Cosmetic fair Estetica in Brussels October 4th-6th  2014. Our partner in the Netherlands - Anita Muller – successfully presented the entire Weyergans High Care Cosmetics portfolio. A selection ... more

High Care Center Franchise Meeting in Hungary

Great news: promising outlook for overweight men and women


On October 11th 2014 the annually Weyergans franchisee meeting took place at the Budapester Aquincum – Hotel, ... more

International trainer meeting Easteurope

Belorussia, Russia, Chechnya and Kazakhstan are High Care Countries

Gut Boisdorf, Germany. At The Weyergans High Care Cosmetics Headquarter several international training from four different ... more

Guests from the Russian Tsar Empire

Russian Week at Weyergans

Once again we warmly welcome a Russian delegation here at our headquarters of Weyergans High Care AG in Düren.

An exciting week filled with new impressions awaits ... more

VACUSPORT® at DTM/GT Tour in Belgium

Last weekend, the great 24 hour race (22.7.-27.7.2014 ) took place in Spa / Belgium. Part of the spectacle was our low pressure tube VACUSPORT® which was the sensation for the medical team of Dr. ... more