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Positive energy for body and mind
Iono-Aktiv Maske Gerät und Maske

We breathe as long as we live. With every breath we fill up with oxygen from the surrounding air. Our entire organism needs this oxygen for its metabolism in body and mind. In the oxygen of the air, the natural ions that orbit each oxygen molecule are particularly important. Ions are tiny electrical particles. Only because of them we can utilize the vital oxygen of the air we breathe. And only the ions give our cells the energy they need for all of their functions.

The new IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask is equipped with an ion generator that works like a small power plant and provides the organism with oxygen ions in a highly concentrated form. Wear the IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask at home, at work or on a walk and benefit immediately and sustainably. The importance of electrical oxygen ions for our health has been discussed in science and medicine for decades.

As fresh as the air by the sea

The IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask increases the number of ions in the air that you breathe many times over. Like when you enjoy a long walk by the sea or when climbing in the high mountains and more.

The new IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask consists of a high-quality and reusable mask for the mouth and nose and a compact housing for the necessary technology. The comfortable mask has a permanently elastic strap; it can be put on quickly and is also suitable for people who wear glasses. With the help of a clip, you can wear the case inconspicuously and comfortably on your belt or simply lay it next to you on the desk or the couch. Get more energy at the push of a button and fill up with high quality oxygen ions with every breath!

Questions and answers

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How long should you wear the mask?

Use the mask for several hours every day. You can use it e.g. permanently during work. One battery charge lasts up to 18 hours. The charging time is only about eight hours.

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What do you feel when you wear the mask?

Oxygen ions can not be felt. However, many people report that they have the feeling that the air they breathe is fresher and that they can breathe better.

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How do I know that the mask is active?

As soon as the blue light of the power button lights up blue, the mask is active.

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Can several people use the same mask?

Yes, you can order exchangable masks in different sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0049 - 2421- 96780 or export@weyergans.de

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Can I speak well with the mask?

The new IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask is much less hindering than a normal everyday mask made of fabric. Talking and telephoning is quite possible.

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Is the mask also available in a smaller size for my children?

Yes, you can also order masks in child size and activate them through reconnection of the ion-generator.

Frisch wie die Luft am Meer

Die IONO-AKTIV Maske erhöht die Anzahl der Ionen in der Luft, die Sie atmen, um ein Vielfaches. Wie bei einem ausgedehnten Spaziergang am Meer oder einer Kletterpartie im Hochgebirge und mehr.
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What our costumers say

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"IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask is very good. I enjoy using it. If I go to a crowded place, I put on the traditional medical mask on the active mask and I can breathe the perfect fresh air."  
- Peter L., Hungary
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"After a week of regular use of the Iono Activ mask for about 1.5 - 2 hours a day, I can see that my chronic cold has improved significantly.I no longer wake up in the morning with fits of sneezing and I don't have to blow my nose 5 times before showering. I could feel an improvement after about 5 days."  
- Julia B., Germany
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"My father (77) has breathing problems and a heart disease; he uses the mask at least two hours a day and breathes much better after using it. I wear the mask for about two hours when I have headaches; the headache disappears then."  
- Daniela B. Germany

You are interested?

If you have any questions about the IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0049 - 2421- 96780 or export@weyergans.de!
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