Low pressure treatment As one of the most established Weyergans product, the Vacustyler® has been deployed in professional cosmetic lounges for years. Its name is composed of the words "vacuum" and "bodystyling". The application method is known as IVT (Intermittent Vacuum Therapy). It signifies the impact of the lower part of the body with normal and low pressure. One treatment takes about 30 minutes in which the user can relax on the soft cushion.

Vacustyler® fields of application are divers. It can be applied in case of cellulite, local fat deposits, weak connective tissue, tired or swollen legs as well as spider or varicose veins.

No long-term studies have been conducted with the Vacustyler® but its visible and sensible effects prove positive treatment results:  

Read more Wikipedia about IVT with the Vacustyler®.

Client statements

Elfriede U. from Weiden
Leg volume visibly decreases after regular usage of the Vacustyler®. Spider veins – especially in the ankle area – are less visible than before.  

Sigrid I. from Cologne
Vacustyler® treatments particularly have a positive effect on femoral inner surface. Skin seems more even and more beautiful.

Nic v. H. (Dipl. physio therapist) from Rengsdorf
Vacustyler® is an ingenious application where - for many indications - great results can be achieved in a simple way.

Michaela T. (Wellness therapist) from Straßenhaus
My offer: „30 minutes break from daily routine! Vacustyler® takes the pressure out of legs and reduces stress in your body! Pure relaxation for body and mind.

Only for beauty professionals

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